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  • This is not a loan—we are buying future credit card receivables. See how it works.
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Business Loan Option - Your Best Option When a Business Loan is Not

When a traditional business loan is not an option for your company during challenging financial times, Business Loan Option can help.

We specialize in simple and secure merchant funding solutions that are based on your future credit receivables. Remember, this is not a loan. We simply purchase your future credit card receivable at a discounted rate. As long you have accepted Visa or MasterCard payments for the last 3 months, you probably qualify for one of our merchant cash advances. In fact, over 90% of small businesses qualify for a merchant cash advance and are eligible for funding.

It costs you nothing to apply or even pre-qualify—there are no setup or application fees. Whether you need as little as $2,500 or as much as $350,000, your company could be approved for a business advance in as little as 7 working days.

Paying back your merchant cash advance is just as simple. With affordable factor rates and no fixed payments, satisfying your obligation is affordable—if you bring in less, you pay back less.

Use our Business Advance Calculator to see how much you can qualify for today!

The Premier Merchant Cash Advance Source Online

If your business is short on cash this month, let us help! We specialize in fast, easy, and secure merchant funding. Are you having trouble meeting payroll this week? Do you have outstanding vendor invoices? If you have answered, "yes" to either of these questions, please read on for more information.

Business Loan Option is here to help when your small business needs cash quickly and securely. We know that small businesses should never have to choose between paying their employees and paying their bills. We provide merchant cash advances to small businesses without all the complications of traditional bank loans. In fact, Business Loan Option doesn't provide business loans; we purchase your future credit card receivables at a discounted rate.

Merchant cash advances are effective alternatives to traditional business loans.

A merchant cash advance can fund your small business with necessary cash easily and quickly without having to go through a difficult and confusing loan application process that many traditional banks and financial institutions require. Business Loan Option knows that when your business needs money, there is very little time to waste. That is exactly why our business cash advance application process is so simple.

Your small business can be pre-approved for a merchant cash advance in just minutes with the funds deposited directly into your business' bank account before you know it. In fact, use our Business Advance Calculator to help determine how much you are eligible for.

In most cases, it takes just 3 to 10 business days to get the business capital you need. We offer simple payback option for small businesses such as yours.

With bank loans, your credit score needs to be near-perfect to get an affordable interest rate on your funding. If your small business has a low credit score, you can still qualify with Business Loan Option. We provide affordable factor rates on your credit card receivables.

Use merchant cash advances for any business solution.

Remember, Business Loan Option is here to help your small business during difficult financial times. If you need a little extra money to meet your payroll budget, we can help! If you want to use this business advance to boost your marketing efforts, not a problem! No matter what your small business needs the funds for, once you receive the direct deposit of cash into your business checking account, the money is yours to use as needed.

Getting a merchant cash advance is incredibly easy, fast, and safe with Business Loan Option. If you apply for small business funding with us, your business is one step away from getting the operating capital it so desperately needs.

We make the application process easy. You can apply online, via fax, or on the phone.

A merchant cash advance is a smart financial solution.

We pride ourselves on being one of the Internet's most reliable merchant cash advance providers and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Our merchant cash advance representatives are happy to assist you with your small business cash flow needs. The Business Loan Option team is always ready and willing to help our valued small business customers with their cash advance and funding needs. You can contact us easily and quickly by giving us a call or even through our online contact form.

Just remember, this is not a business loan. We offer the discounted purchase of your company's future receivables.

If you are interested in the different services offered by Business Loan Option, or are just wondering how a merchant cash advance works, please click on our FAQ section to learn more today. If you'd like to see how much your company can qualify for, try out our Business Advance Calculator.

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