How Sandy is Impacting Automotive Companies

Tree on Truck

Pictures of flooded and tree-crushed cars were pretty common after Hurricane Sandy made landfall. Not only have a number of people lost their only means of transportation, but some companies lost fleets of brand new vehicles. Numerous carmakers had stored cars at the Newark, New Jersey, port only to have to face big losses after the storm. Odd as it may seem, dealers are seeing this as a potential boom later when everybody will have to line up to replace their lost vehicles. Read the rest of this entry »

More Lending Choices Appear for Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Helping Hand

Lenders around the nation are stepping forward to provide emergency loan options for businesses affected by Hurricane Sandy. Yet, not all lenders or loans are alike and business owners and homeowners need to look at the fine details before choosing one versus another. While the Small Business Administration offers disaster loans that can be helpful, it can take some time to be approved. Banks that are increasing credit limits for customers affected by the storm may do so with conditions that requires repayment once the emergency is deemed over. To get you over the worst of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, make sure to look at all your options first before making a final decision. Luckily, there are plenty of choices available to review. Read the rest of this entry »

What To Do When Disaster Strikes


Small businesses devastated by Hurricane Sandy in areas that were declared disaster zones will have one ray of hope afterwards: Disaster loans. A federal proclamation can help some business owners who experience damage from the storm of the century to seek emergency lending. Read the rest of this entry »

Google Wants to Be Your Advertising Bank


Google is best known as the worldwide search engine that dominates the online advertising markets. However, it has also tried in years past to widen their reach by initiating programs that expanded into social networking and, now, lending. Read the rest of this entry »

All the Business Ladies

Women Business LeaderGrowing the economy takes the creation and sustaining of small businesses, and now women-owned businesses are being reviewed for lending opportunities more and more. There are basic differences in the way women run and operate businesses than their male colleagues, thus creating new business models that some lenders find attractive, but that may not be as well suited to traditional loans. With very tight banking criteria used to assess new businesses, few women and men are getting bank loans and must turn to lending providers like peer-to-peer loans and merchant lending to get the needed funds to start or stay in business.  Yet, the Guardian Life Index has predicted that women will be responsible for creating fully 50 percent of all new businesses by the year 2018. Read the rest of this entry »

Where the Customers Are

Person and Question MarkThe process of niche targeting is ancient in marketing practices, but some experts believe that too much attention is being paid to millennial diners at the expense of demographic groups that may be more profitable. Instead of a niche approach, they are advocating the idea of catering to arange of demographics to increase sales. Of particular note are the baby boomers who were hurt most by the recession. The idea that they aren’t dining out is a fallacy proven by $21 billion in restaurant visits creating $156 billion in restaurant revenue. While it may seem odd, instead of scaling back on dining out, baby boomers are engaging it more – and, not just at sit-down places. There is also an uptick in their visits to fast food and quick service establishments. Read the rest of this entry »

Small Business Lending that Doesn’t Rely on a Bank

Bulb.Small businesses have come up with some ingenious alternatives to the traditional small business loan offered at their local banker. Instead, other investors and companies looking for a way to get better returns on their money have stepped into the fray to also put up capital for small businesses in need. These strategies leverage a small business’ strength by looking at ways to secure loans without having to meet strict criteria that often disqualifies them from traditional sources of lending. If you’re a small business wondering how to get extra cash without a perfect credit score or variable seasonal income, there are still ways to secure the credit through lease-back programs, merchant loans, and assets-based lending. Read the rest of this entry »

Cars: Everything is UP!

Cars and ThumbsThere’s no doubt that frugality has taken hold of America’s mindset in recent years, but some car dealerships are seeing a welcome shift of consumers buying cars because they want them versus needing them. Is this the signal of a true automotive industry recovery? Hiring statistics in automotive manufacturing point towards an increase in demand, and this creates not only sales, but also stimulates the creation of even more jobs in other industries as well. Read the rest of this entry »

This Election has Businesses Uncertain.

The coming election has some small businesses worried about numerous economic issues from the fiscal cliff to lending and sales. There has been a spate of great news on the economic front from a drop in the unemployment figures to rising sales, but even that news is tempered with a bit of angst. It’s not exactly the heart-stopping financial fallouts like what’s happening Europe, but it’s enough to make small business owners review the data and make contingency plans, in case the election causes massive changes in today’s economic trends.

Romney and Obama Read the rest of this entry »

Trends and Tips on Tables


For a few extra bucks, a restaurant can give their establishment a whole new atmosphere by carefully choosing dishes and tabletop décor without having to knock out a wall or change the lighting. It’s a small investment, but it can set the restaurant apart from its competition and help to score with new diners. Here’s some tips and trends from the world of tabletop design:

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